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About the voyage

"Below 40 degrees south there is no law.  Below 50 degrees south there is no God."


In Phase 1, our goal was to record the voyage and hundreds of you helped us do just that. With your generous support we equipped Southern Cross with the necessary gear and got the film crew to Chile and back. The GoPro cameras and Howard did an amazing job documenting this voyage. What an incredible voyage it was. From the very beginning to the dramatic conclusion, it has been a testament to the resilience and determination of the human spirit. 

This voyage inspires us to not only dream but pursue those dreams. To stretch our reach beyond our normal limits and achieve what we dream about.

It is proof positive that with ingenuity and hard work we can assemble what we need to make our dreams a reality. It shows that, just like Howard built Southern Cross, we can assemble what we need to carry us toward our dreams. Be it a sail boat or something else.

Then there’s the story of the long building process, the broken mast, the storm and being blown ashore, and finally setting sail. The story continues with more storms, incredible beauty, Tromba Marina cyclonic winds, a struggle to survive in water, a rescue, a race with time to recover Southern Cross, and the recovery of Southern Cross.

With the completion of Phase 1, all this footage is “in the can” and waiting to be assembled into a remarkable film, and we now find ourselves in Post Production (Phase 2). Post Production can be more challenging than the production process because it is longer and more expensive but without it there is no film.

We’re asking for your help in raising the funds needed to finish the film, so the story of this inspiring and remarkable adventure can be told. All donations, regardless of size, are appreciated and every donation over $15 will receive a special gift of official merchandise. We, of course, welcome large and corporate donations, with producer credits for donors of $5,000 or more. If we all work together it will happen. Donate today.